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Current trajectory

KOIOS is an experimental research and development project. The methodology used is action research and we will experiment step-by-step towards the greater vision. Throughout these steps, we will maintain the action research methodology. We will identify issues we may encounter, devise an action plan, implement the action plan (our action plan for the Blockchain Minor is currently implemented) and finally observe and reflect upon the process.

Our first step is to integrate the THUAS Blockchain Minor in KOIOS. We will do so by recording all our content on video and uploading this to YouTube and the KOIOS website. This Minor will then be freely accessible and provide the backbone for the entire 30 ECT Minor. Simultaneously this material will be shared with the Accra Technical University (Ghana), with whom we have established a partnership earlier this year (2019). For students participating in the Minor at THUAS, viewing the content online is mandatory before the start of the Minor. The classroom meetings will then be used to discuss the online content and dive deeper into the materials. This is a clear example of combining online learning with physical learning, hopefully ensuring students receive the best of both.

After the Blockchain Minor, other subjects will follow. ‘Accounting’ will be a subject we will integrate, but also newly developed courses ‘Digital Asset Management’ and ‘Monetary Systems’ will be integrated in KOIOS. These courses are currently under development and will be uploaded onto KOIOS in a similar fashion to the Blockchain Minor.

We are currently also in the process of acquiring approval for certification. We are positive that we will be able to provide students who have successfully completed the Blockchain Minor with the above described KOIOS certificate.

Should the Blockchain Minor prove to be successful, we will start extensive research on the possibilities of launching KOIOS on a blockchain and implementing the aforementioned online environments. In this phase we will try and test various incentivization mechanisms as well as the personalized track records. We aim to start this process in Q4 2019 and will provide full documentation for these steps in Q1 2020.